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The following information is free to download in PDF form which works on most computers, Adobe Reader is available here.

PDF Files

Care for Sacro – iliac strain (twisted pelvis) diagnosis
Files size: 85kb

Desk layout diagram
Files size: 107kb

Migraine information
Files size: 86kb

Candida treatment and Dysbiosis routine
Files size: 99kb

Allergy test information
Files size: 295kb

Lower back exercises recommended
Files size: 145kb

Upper back and neck exercises recommended
Files size: 148kb

Ballands Series – Archery Articles
Files size: 223kb

Acid/Alkali Ash foods
Files size: 228kb

Weight Management
Files size: 381kb

Text Neck
Files size: 193kb

Osteoarthritis Advice
Files size: 133kb

These are resources that have been offered as part of your treatment and should be read in conjunction with the advice given.


These links are offered for information and to assist you, none of them hold content that Andrew has any control of or input toward.

Supplements manufacturers and suppliers

Sometimes supplements are suggested as part of your care, they can be ordered from the following companies or, in some cases, from the local stores listed.
Providing top quality supplements and professional development training.
Top quality supplement company
Providing high quality supplements
Manufacturers of preservative glass

Cobbs Wholefoods, Brunel Centre, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PY 01458 274066.

Ceres Natural Foods Ltd, 9-11 Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1EN 01935 428791.

Support and information
Car Seat Data - Osteopathic site providing information on the seating alignment and headroom for cars available in the UK – regularly updated. &
Thatcham Research – Crash test site to the Car Insurance industry. Once registered (free) you can get a rating for your car.
Euro NCAP for further vehicle Safety information.
The Sunflower Trust is a system to maximise potential, based on Applied Kinesiology it is most used to assist with Learning difficulties and Dyslexia.
National Osteoporosis Society (NOS)
NHS Direct
Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Menopause Support

Rehabilitation Suppliers

Sleeprrr Pillows - Adjustable memory foam pillow.

Formorthotic – heat mouldable orthotic support.

Silicone Gel Arch Support / Foot Wedge Shoe Insert From Amazon - an example is given here - there are many similar and effective products available.

Exercise Bands – an example can be see here the products are available in many brands at many prices online.


Article on Stance for Field Archers produced for Ballands Bowmen.

Dance Safety Article (Morris Dance in particular) produced for Knights of King Ina.

Associations, insurer and regulators
The Institute of Osteopathy – practitioner membership provided.
The General Osteopathic Council – Statutory Regulator for Osteopaths in the UK.
Balens - My Insurer for public liability and treatment risk, insurance is a condition of professional registration.
National Council for Osteopathic Research - provides information and the evidence base for the Osteopathic approach
International College of Applied Kinesiology - membership organisation for practitioners of Applied Kinesiology which helps with keeping up with current thinking
Membership organisation for Applied Kinesiology.

History of Osteopathy.
University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy) attended by Andrew Knight 1982 – 1986.
List of recognised training schools for Osteopathy.